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Beauty And Beast Rose In Flask Led Rose Flower Light Black Base Glass Dome Best For Mother's Day Valentines Day Gift

Beauty And Beast Rose In Flask Led Rose Flower Light Black Base Glass Dome Best For Mother's Day Valentines Day Gift

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Occasion:Valentine's Day
Model Number:Rose in a Glass Dome
Style:Flower + Vase
Flower Style:Flower Branch
Classification: Artificial Flowers

Name: Forever Rose Flower Immortal Fresh Rose

Material: Glass Cover +Immortal Flower


1. The item Preserved Rose Flower is made of superior rose material, high class flower and excellent clarity glass, and made by skilful technician.

2. Bright colors, never withered flowers, long life.

3. Different meaning of different colors, more meaningful

4. The best choice for holiday gifts

5. Application: Valentine's Day, holiday gifts etc.

How to maintain:

1. Do not expose the Preserved Fresh Rose Flower in overheated or strong light environment

2. Immortal flowers are very delicate. Do not often touch it.

3. No watering, or place Flower Preserved Roses under the sunshine directly.

4. If there is dust on the Flower Preserved, you may use a blower to blow it slightly with cold air.

5. Do not expose the flowers to the air for a long time if there is heavy humidity.

Size: 22cm High X 11.5cm Wide



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 Get the perfect gift for your sweetheart or wife, for Valentine's Day,Birthday, friend's wedding, anniversary or any memorable occasion. Everlasting and never wilting for that special someone



25 cm Rose Bear

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What is Included

Included: 1
Rose Bear and Ribbon

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    Get the perfect gift for the special someone in your life with this rose teddy bear that is unforgettable from every angle.

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